Sunday, May 2, 2010

Welcome to the Second Grade Pop Shop

If you haven't seen the Keith Haring installation made by my second graders in the hall outside my classroom, get a quick look before it comes down. Pretty amazing!

At the end of the hall is the question: What is an installation? Walk through the hallway and you'll get your first realization of what that is--an interactive artwork that you can pass right through. An installation is designed to elicit a response from the viewer, to create a feeling. Does it make you feel energized? Does it make you feel happy? Does it make you feel calm?

The "wallpaper" in the hallway is a nod to New York graffiti artist Keith Haring, who loved children and was an advocate for literacy. His artwork was alway cheerful and whimsical, and he felt as if everyone should be able to own art. He made many tee-shirts, calendars, and other inexpensive reproducable artworks and sold them in "pop shops", stores that he decorated himself and in which he sold his own art. The walls looked much like his symbol-ridden work in his pop shops; he rarely signed his work, but rather put a symbol called "radiant baby" in the place of his signature.
Second grade has been learning about symbols all year and in their personal outlines they each have placed their own symbol for themselves. The installation is very personal for each second grade student--they have depicted themselves and shared their symbols with us. Be sure to congratulate the second graders on their amazing artwork--they've taken us to a whole new level!

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