Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tell Me Where It Is!

Okay, Lakendra keeps asking for the next mystery spot, so while we are in CRCT testing and stretching our gray matter, here are photo clues to where I went on spring break. First one to get it, let me know on the blog! Here are three pix of my daughters in a place where learning and invention and art all came together many years ago, and folks still travel to see it today. Good luck!

Okay, so even Lakendra's wondering. If you look really carefully you might recognize the statue that my daughters are flanking--it's Thomas Jefferson! Over spring break we went to Monticello, where our second president lived. He was all about art and architecture...and running our country, of course. His home is an amazing place, and his gardens and estate were revolutionary in developing new technology for that time. Jefferson even worked at genetically altering crops. Wow!

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