Friday, November 14, 2014

Teching Out in Art!

We have been really going for broke with the iPads in our classroom.  I like to assess my students' learning without it being a stressor--how fun is it to have to take a test, when you could be building or making something cool?  So we have gotten into the realm of paper slide videos.

Students were given a topic--in this case, color--and allowed to explore on the iPads.  Once they'd done some research on color theory and different color schemes, they put together drawings that illustrated their new knowledge in a sort of a slide show.  But rather than letting the computer set up slides with music and editability, students did a one-take video in which one person held the iPad to record, one or two persons narrated, and one person changed the drawings out.

It made for some seriously charming videos, and we loved putting them together.  The students had a great time, and they got to show me what they knew.  Teamwork was the name of the game, and those smarties put together some pretty entertaining paper slide videos.  Winning, all the way around.
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