Friday, May 10, 2013


Artist Day was April 26 this year and we took Roswell North to new heights with it. Every year, we shut the school down on one day, bring in 20 Artists and artistic groups, and circulate our 1100 students through the school to see professional artists at work--so they can see that the Arts offer an interesting vocation for those who want to do something creative! It's an amazing program and it's been going on for 21 years. Below are a few examples of Artists and their performances.
Cardio Kool Kids

Laughing Matters

Public Art with local artist Sarah Spivey
 One of the highlights of the day was a jaunt into the local art scene with the two Public Art activities.  Led by local artists, students got a chance to make a small piece of art to take home, and one to leave behind for RNE to participate in an initiative by Atlanta artists to share their work with the world.  It's called Free Art Fridays, and once a month the metro area is the drop zone for fun and interesting pieces made by these metro artists.  Our students had a great time making art to share.

They were really excited to get to send some art into the community.   All 1100 students at Roswell North got to make an art piece to take home, and one to leave for us to prep for Free Art Friday.   The Thursday before Free Art Friday was Passion Day at our school.  Every teacher took a group of about 12 kids and did some sort of activity about which they were passionate.  As a public artist, passing on my love for shareable art is exciting, and having 1100 works already in my possession was already a prospect that was truly happy!  I took 12 students on an Art scavenger hunt; we went looking for the little artworks they and their friends had made.  We took iPads with us and took pictures with the art as they found it.

Students in the Art Scavenger Hunt cluster

Scavenger Hunt students traveled around the school picking up art that had been "dropped"; when they had all found their specific artworks they returned to the classroom and made a bunch of art to drop at Alive After Five in Roswell for Thursday, May 16.  They could use any number of art supplies--clay, wood, paint, markers, model magic, poster board, etc.  Here's a sampling:
Check out the Kidlanta on the bottom right!  So cool.  After they finished their session with Passion Day, every student took off with art to drop for others to find.  I got to school on Free Art Friday morning and just plain bombed the school with hundreds of little artworks.  I started with my own classroom doorway.
  Everywhere you looked, high and low, art was stuck to something.  Free Art Friday was explained on the morning news announcements, and students were instructed to keep only four artworks, and to re-drop anything they found after that.  The whole school erupted in a frenzy of finding and sharing.  What a crazy, fun day.
Second graders stylin' with some art!


  1. Awesome! So glad your school embraced FAF! We had a ball at our school too and I am already making plans for next year... Congrats!

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