Saturday, April 6, 2013

Miro-Inspired Abstract Paintings

 Don't you love Joan Miro's work?  It's so colorful and fun.  I love showing my students his art because they enjoy the lines and the colors, and how he's put it all together.

First grade got a great look at Miro recently and we discussed all the things we see all the time in his work.  The way the lines are so organic, the way he repeats certain designs like his asterisk-looking "starry things" (I love how they describe what they see!), circles, large dots at the end of lines, geometric shapes that somehow seem organic...repetition of colors...what a fabulous way to make art!

We discussed how he was a part of the surrealist movement, and that his works are dream-like.
It was fun talking about all the things we dream and how in our dreams we can fly, or dogs can talk...  and so we got to talking about what sorts of mediums would be good dream mediums.  And we came upon something new, that our first graders had never tried: ater-soluble oil pastels!  I showed them how they worked---draw on the lines you want, fill in here and there, and then get a paintbrush and some water and go to town.  Here are some of the results.  Love it!

Fabulous art by fabulous artists.  

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