Monday, October 1, 2012

Warm and Cool Grids

The curriculum for our county is pretty extensive and I decided to sweep a bunch of the concepts into our sketchbooks for each grade.  Third graders hit warm and cool colors, positive and negative space, and the use of rulers into their sketchbook covers.  The art turned out really cool, and I'm thankful for the teacher's dream site, Pinterest, for passing this idea on.  The covers are great and the kids are really into the Elements of Art, thanks to this opening lesson.
Students created a grid with a pencil and ruler, then added a couple of large shapes.  They could be geometric or organic, or both.  They first painted the shapes (talking about positive space) with warm colors, then came back and painted the negative space of the background in cool colors.
I think this one might actually be upside down, but I looooove it this way!

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  1. Interesting colors and patterns! I've been reading through your blog with interest - it's such a wonderful thing, isn't it, that we can make connections with fellow professionals around the world, in real time!! I'm an Australian art teacher, relatively new to the world of art teacher blogs, and am already finding that it is having a very positive effect on my teaching practice! I'll be following now with interest :)