Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Paris to U.S.

I'm hoping you noticed the side bar and figured out where I was in early June. If you guessed Paris, you are right! The art scattered around Paris beckons me--I go to Paris as often as I can get there. They've got incredible museums, architecture, and memorial art all over Paris, and you can be walking down some little side street and see art right where you are. Once I turned a corner to find a three-story blue lion sculpture poking out of the side of a building!

Here's a question for you who love to look stuff up: What famous museum houses the most famous artwork, by Leonardo da Vinci? And what is the most famous artwork?

It's good to travel around, to get away from your own back yard every once in a while. It expands your horizons and gives you insight into the culture of other people. Even if you are traveling in your own country, if you stop to talk to the people you meet, you will find out how different people are. Learning about others is a way to become a well-rounded person; not only do you open your eyes to new things, you might even learn something about yourself.
Here are a couple of pictures I took in Paris of interesting things. Hope you're having a summer that's fantastique! Ayez l'amusement! (Have fun!)

A bench in a park I liked...if you are a reader, this is
a motivator, is it not?!

In Pere Lachaise cemetery I found this guy. He'll be looking at his own face for a very long time!

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