Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holidays Are Upon Us!

Check out the last post to see what the fifth graders ended up with, in their simple machine mobiles made after artist Alexander Calder. Pretty neat!

We are getting ready for the holiday break and all the classes are working diligently. Some are finishing up projects, but many are actually starting something new that will be ready for big-time work when we return from our time off.

Take a look at First Grade's wintry landscapes--they have learned about horizon line, foreground, and background, and have focused on getting their snow values to be different (value is the lightness or darkness of a color). Their snow man should be quite prominent! They have worked hard to illustrate these concepts in their own way. Using a variety of mediums, they have created a mixed media collage. They started with paint, but have moved into cut paper, chenille-coated wire, found objects, marker, and oil pastel. They've been very successful in thinking out ways to show foreground and background, and their snowmen are quite jolly! Way to go, First Graders!

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